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Here we have a comprehensive list of questions that you'll need answering.

This can depend on a number of factors, including the size, location and direction of your roof. To make sure you receive optimal results, we use satellite imagery and data to work out exactly how your roof can obtain the most amount of energy. We will also look into your annual electricity usage to tailor our designs and work out how many panels would provide the best results.

S-tec is proud to install tier 1 quality panels with a 25 year performance warranty. Our panels retain at least 85% of solar power even after 25 years, so you can get the most out of this renewable energy source.

You can leave this to us. S-tec will submit all applications on your behalf to the Distribution Network Operator for grid connection approval. Please allow up to two months for this.

As S-Tec only installs tier 1 products with respected manufacturers and warranties, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our systems are incredibly reliable. However, we still offer maintenance packages for customers to deliver the best results.

On your behalf, S-Tec will apply for all the necessary lawful certifications regarding planning permission.

We have experience installing panels on all types of roof, so our experts will make sure no damage is caused. To do so, S-Tec will assess your roof structure before designing the best system suited to maintaining your roof.

You can easily keep yourself up to date with your panel's performance via your laptop or mobile. We will provide you with a system of data to monitor the solar panel's performance over time, showcasing your roof details. This also allows our S-Tec experts to keep an eye on performance and if this decreases, you will be notified. Experts will then be on hand to find a solution.

An inverter changes the DC current from solar panels to the AC current. It is integral that the inverter is placed in the right location for your business and the grid.

Direct sunlight does not impact the performance of solar panels. Instead, they work solely on light. So no matter which way your roof faces, you will still get great results.

You can sell any extra energy produced to the grid using the Smart Export Guarantee which is another great incentive to install solar energy on your property.



We work with clients both domestic and commercial on renewables, electrical services, car-ports and security solutions.

Basically if it’s electrical we do it! This is what we can help you with

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