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Solar P.V.

Harness the sun's energy…

We care about the planet. And our customers do too. That's why S-Tec specialise in renewable energy like solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, so we can all take a step towards making a difference.

This carbon-free energy source is a great solution for tackling the climate crisis. And with the UK aiming to reduce the use of fossil fuels, solar energy is a powerful alternative.

By using solar PV, you're not only future-proofing your energy supply but also saving on utility bills and helping cut carbon emissions. Be part of the change with us.

How do S-Tec solar panels work?

Solar PV panels absorb the energy transmitted from the sun, converting it into electricity. We understand England isn't known for its sunshine, but luckily for us solar panels still work on cloudy days - all that's needed is daylight. We help our clients make the most out of this powerful energy source, resulting in savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

S-Tec analyses your annual electricity usage to work out what is best for you, tailoring to your needs and energy usage. With the help of satellite imaging and structural data, we can create a report on our recommendations specific to you.

Our solar panels are tier 1 quality and come with a warranty lasting 25 years. During your time with S-Tec, we will monitor your panels performance which you can easily access on your laptop or mobile at any time. This will provide a full overview, showcasing exactly how your panels are performing. If at any time they start to underperform, we will be alerted to fix the issue.

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We work with clients both domestic and commercial on renewables, electrical services, car-ports and security solutions.

Basically if it’s electrical we do it! This is what we can help you with

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